In a world full of noise, pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

Make room for self-reflection.

Dwell in what really matters!


How Mathematicians Changed Medical Practice

With the application of the newly discovered 16th century scientific experimental methods, medical doctors were discovering how human biology functions, the various mechanisms involved in the pathology of diseases at a lightning speed. But very soon they realized the limitations of this vigorous exercise. As more and more were discovered about human operating system, it became a formidable challenge for the scientist to study relationships between the various biochemical processes going on under our skin.

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How Science Works?

For four hundred years, the process of scientific method remained within the confines of this enterprise. Anyone who correctly follows the steps laid out in the study, no matter who they are, must be able to say, “Yes, I got the same result.”

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15 mins of Daily Meditation

Follow these simple steps EVERYDAY without exceptions. Overcome the urge to give excuses like, “I am too tired today,” or “I am too busy today, I will start from tomorrow,” or “I tried it before, but i didn’t see any results,” etc.

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