• Life is a Miracle

    Life is a Miracle
    Why does a single cell endure all the trouble and energy to divide into 30 Trillion cells to make up a complete human being, go through all the ups and downs of life's drama, only to perish eventually?
  • What is Non-Duality (Ad·vai·ta)?

    What is Non-Duality (Ad·vai·ta)?
    In many Eastern cultures, discovering God is synonymous with discovering who you are. Non-duality or Advita as it is called in the East is realizing one's true nature. This can be best understood by contrasting it with monotheism. Non-duality is not a religion, but the foundation of a philosophy upon which almost all Eastern religions are based on.
  • On the Difficulty of Unifying Science and Spirituality

    On the Difficulty of Unifying Science and Spirituality
    The scientific method emerged as the universal equalizer for all those who yearned to study nature. One peculiarly unique attribute about the experimental method is its process of investigation.
  • Future of Medicine

    Future of Medicine
    The future of medicine is going to be personalized care. But to get there, the medical profession had to undergo enormous transformation of its approach from speculative practice based on myth and mysticism to evidence based practice of the current day. The next disruption in medicine will happen when doctors treat patients, not based on population statics but on individual statistics. Technology is allowing this to happen.
  • Who Am I: The Direct Path to Self Discovery

    Who Am I: The Direct Path to Self Discovery
    On the process and evolution of the many identities we use to define ourselves throughout our lives.

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