Doubt is the quintessential is all human behaviors. Questions are more often interesting than answers; answers tend to be the end of the process, whereas questions/doubt is the prelude to creativity. What really matter is not what you already know but what you actually wants to know.

Every icon or role model you have encountered or adopted have doubted the status quo. Unless you come to realize the truth of the matter by youself, don’t rest. Don’t fear that by questioning, you will be punished or cursed. You may find your answers in unexpected places, but these places are unexpected because you are conditioned to look at them in places you knew, not where they are actually found. So, go out, ask questions and never be afraid or embarrassed to ask them. If you don’t, you are merely living some one else’s life.

“Our wisdom is slavish prejudice, our customs consist in control, constraint, compulsion. Civilised man is born and dies a slave. The infant is bound up in swaddling clothes, the corpse is nailed down in his coffin. All his life long man is imprisoned by our institutions.”  ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Speak from your own experience. You are given a life like anyone else, why borrow someone else’s experience of joy and pretend like you are joyous yourself. Experience the bliss yourself and see how it feels like. This is the essence of all religions.

The best thing you will learn in your faith – is by questioning its convictions. If you haven’t found the answers, it doesn’t mean that there is none. It just means that you are not searching at the right places. most often, the right place is right within you. There is a profound joy in discovering things yourself. imitation, anyone can do!

Remember the profound words of Bertrand Russell, one of the elevated thinkers of humanity: “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”