In a world full of noise, this is a place where you can step-back, reflect and inquire into the tough questions such as: Who am I? Does life has any purpose? Why is there polarity in existence: sorrow and happiness, love and hatred etc? How to lead a happier and healthier life? Why is there something when a whole lot of energy would have been saved if there was nothing at all? and so on. 

For centuries, philosophers have created a vast corpus of knowledge, an operating system for the art of living – from ordinary citizens to brilliant thinkers. For anyone seeking inner peace, clarity, and effectiveness in our crazy world, this wisdom will immensely help.

The information provided on this website is a repertoire of knowledge put together by Rajeev Kurapati MD, MBA, a practicing hospital physician and author. Since no single source has all the information for a happier and healthier life, Rajeev draws insights from scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom around the world to provide practical solutions to life’s most common problems. Topics covered range from health, wellness, philosophy, and self-discovery. He is the author of Unbound Intelligence: A Personal Guide to Self-DiscoveryPhysician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine and Burnout in Healthcare.

His articles pertaining to medicine, culture, and lifestyle have been published in Slate Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer, Smart Health Today, NKY Tribune, Mind Body Green, Life Hack, Millennial Magazine, KevinMD, the Yoga Blog, The Good Men Project, and other outlets.  Born and raised in India, he now resides in Cincinnati, USA with his family.

Learn and enjoy!

Rajeev Kurapati inside the Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Oct 24, 2018