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“The author’s rich knowledge is expansive and evident from the contents. The unique approach to the usual conventional topics makes it very original and gives the freedom of choice to each individual to choose what is right for them in terms of following God. It will stimulate your thoughts and channel them in a positive way. Reading the book is a learning process.

The book takes readers to another level where the possibility of bliss and peace seems tangible. Reading this is an enriching and liberating experience and the ideas and concepts are profound; the author’s knowledge and expertise shine through the entire book.”

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— Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“Studiously researched, Unbound Intelligence covers much ground with apparent ease, culminating in a brief yet effective history of the nature of humankind. Kurapati’s objective is well achieved through his unique approach, consulting both the spiritual and scientific resources of the world as well as seeking inspiration from philosophers, writers, religious figures, and other great minds throughout time. His use of language is extensive and sophisticated while maintaining a simplicity that balances the expansive topics of his narrative. Throughout his discussion of the many religions and cultures of the world he also manages the challenging task of being impartial while making the case for the theories that have driven him to write this book. While these chapters will lead most meditative readers into the deep reaches of thought and maybe even inspire moments of enlightenment, at their surface they also offer a unique opportunity to understand the basis of each religion in a simple, historical and intellectual context.”

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— Casee Marie, Literary Inklings

“It is a humbling book, an empowering book, and a book we all need to read – slowly and repeatedly as we arrive at the realization of the beauty of who and what and where we are. Brilliant.” See the complete review on Amazon.

— Grady Harp, HALL OF FAME, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer, VINE VOICE

“What can I say—this book is captivating and thought-provoking. It will make you smile, laugh, possibly cry, and definitely stretch your mind. Expect to be inspired and get closer to who you truly are. If you’re looking for a book to stimulate your mind and awaken your soul—this is it.”

Tova Payne, Author of Eat Think & Live Rich: A Guide to Health and

“Rajeev’s dedication is felt, as he nourishes and satisfies his readers with an in-depth explanation of the complexity and interdependency nature of our minds.  His book, Unbound Intelligence is a compelling, thought provoking book that weaves thousands of years of civilization into a beautiful tapestry of ideas and concepts, telling a story which embodies the most fundamental questions we all seek.”

Shakti Chionis,

“Dr. Kurapati has brilliantly bound the threads of the timeless spiritual traditions, the theories of science, and the nature of biology in Unbound Intelligence; to unravel the confusion and offers a common clarifying thread that can unite us all by discovering the God within, so that we may live boundlessly.”

Matt Schweppe, CEO of Integral Productions & Co-Creator of Equanimity Partners

“I found it to give a unique perspective. It is very insightful. It sparked in me new ways to think about things than I previously had. I think this book appeals to a diverse group of readers. I very much enjoyed the Unbound Intelligence.”

Sally Jordan, COO and CFO of Healthpoint Family Clinic

“Kurapati weaves the ideas of religions, doctrines, prophets, traditions, social constructs and science together. He challenges the majority of these whilst remaining respectful and never seeks to become an antagonist, only to question. Kurapati has his own purpose outside of the detailed religious, scientific and societal context we are given: to hopefully give you answers, to encourage you to question, to enlighten. We are therefore granted the details of Kurapati’s own enlightening experience, which is described with such depth and inspiration that you yourself may begin to ask “Am I capable of experiencing such an event? Such a level of bliss and understanding?” That is exactly what this book aims to and may enable you to do.

We begin on this journey towards the illusive Unbound Intelligence with an existential commentary on life. It is raw in its truth, there’s no presence of or need for faux, hyperbolic positivity regarding our purpose and meaning in life. Kurapati doesn’t blanket us in warm promises that we are all delicate snowflakes; he focuses on the facts, on his findings and on his personal experience.

The writing itself is rich yet fluid, astounding in its complexity yet simple to grasp. It is almost immediately clear that this work is as much an emotional endeavor as it is an intellectual one and so we are constantly learning whilst relating to the experience. If you are searching for answers and are yet to find any that satisfy your need or curiosity, I highly recommend Unbound Intelligence.”

Siobhan Harmer, Contributor

Unbound Intelligence by Rajeev Kurapati is a thought-provoking insight into what it means to be both intelligent and deeply spiritual, which can often be a difficult combination as much about spirituality cannot be calculated, tested, or proven.”

Madeleine Dee, Executive Chef, Actress and Writer,

“Rajeev Kurapati guides readers through a unique perspective of the human experience and the history of the world from creation to death.  Generated by his own personal inquisition, Kurapati’s assessment suggests that there is not one way to seek understanding, but that obtaining truth is a universal possibility for everyone who chooses to look from within. Unbound Intelligence provides a neutral and refreshing perspective that benefits all readers interested in the intricacies of the human experience—regardless of one’s ethnicity or belief system. Kurapati’s work provides the reader with a sense of hope that all people have the capacity to find meaning in their lives through seeking out one’s own, Unbound Intelligence.”

Sarah Schweppe, Social Worker

“Is the ladder to happiness one of infinite rungs?” That’s the question that opens this book. The author, a medical doctor whose curiosities extend beyond his profession, seeks to address some of the deepest questions of human existence regarding God, the nature of love and the individual’s place in the universe.

The author offers a series of reflections on love, religion, marriage and the scriptures of various faiths. In each, he questions convention, offering rhetorical queries such as: “If we all believe in a transcendent, formless ideal and speak of universal brotherhood—why is it that we denounce all religions except our own?” The author’s untethered style of inquiry respects tradition but is not restrained by it.

For the adventurous reader, Unbound Intelligence offers insights into several weighty matters of human concern.”

BlueInk Review

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