Follow these simple steps EVERYDAY without exceptions. Overcome the urge to give excuses like, “I am too tired today,” or “I am too busy today, I will start from tomorrow,” or “I tried it before, but i didn’t see any results,” etc.  The reward is in the process itself. 

  1. Allocate 15 mins every day, after shower every morning.
  2. Find a place in your home where you find uninterrupted solitude.
  3. Spend first 5 mins focusing on breathing – this will stabilize your mind.
  4. Then focus your attention on the person inside you and inquire who is this “me” that is the source of all thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions.
  5. In your spare moments over the course of the day, come back to this thought from time to time.

Don’t expect immediate results. Over time, the process itself will reveal its rewards in unexpected ways!


Overcome the urge to give excuses